Yoga for Breast Cancer Healing

November 2, 2021 @ 9:00AM — January 1, 2022 @ 9:00AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Yoga for Breast Cancer Healing with Elyce Neuhauser A self-care companion and deep dive into nourishing connection with yourself and community during your journey.

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United We Om is a A 501c3 NonProfit sharing trauma-responsive yoga, meditation and breathing practice in communities without access. Since 2016, we have shared practice with more than18000 participants from under-resourced and trauma-impacted communities.

Yoga for Breast Cancer Healing: for breast cancer patients, survivors and the people who love them. Created and facilitated by Yoga and Meditation teacher and breast cancer survivor Elyce Neuhauser.

Section 1: Diagnosis, including days before Procedure, Surgery or Treatment

Section 2: Day of Procedure, Surgery or Treatment

Section 3: Post-surgery or Treatment (First 2 weeks)

Section 4: Re-Integration (after 2 weeks and beyond)

Each section has the following components:

  1. Movement: Each component will contain specific movement practices. Some will be restful (lunar) practices that are fluid and easeful, and others will be energizing (solar) practices that are grounding and strong. No previous yoga experience is needed, and practices are meant to be accessible, guiding participants to take a stand and connect to their sovereignty. There is a strong all levels practice for the first section for more experienced practitioners. That being said, the rest of the practices are all levels accessible.
  2. Meditation practices: Meditation techniques and practices will be infused throughout the series. Practices are based on The Instinctive Meditation approach created by Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine and Roche's text, the The Radiance Sutras in which meditations are learned and practiced in a way that feels totally natural, easeful and restful.
  3. Breathing: The basics of breath work (Pranayama) are shared in an easy and understandable way. These techniques have a powerful effect on our immune system, nervous system and mental health.
  4. Mantra: The thoughts and words within our minds have a powerful effect on how we feel and heal. Opportunities to journal will create an opportunity for each participant to customize and personalize a phrase (mantra) that works for them, from their own language and self-care experience.
  5. Feeling: Cultivating the connection between how we hold our bodies (gestures, posture) and our feeling state is called the practice of Mudra. Participants will explore movement that not only acknowledges, but welcomes and invites a full spectrum of emotions and moods that show up in everyday life.

Conversations: Each section contains a casual and caring dialogue by Elyce grounded in compassion, highlighting simple ways to be with and move through your healing journey.

About Elyce:

As a dedicated yogini for almost twenty years, my passion is in sharing love through Prana Vinyasa and Instinctive Meditation. My classes encourage every student to nurture self-awareness, acceptance, and a deeper exploration of personal connection. I invite all levels of practitioners to cultivate inner strength, and to dive into love through the extraordinary living practice of yoga. During my personal journey with invasive breast cancer in 2019, I recognized a need for a variety of practices to address all levels of healing. My experience guiding yoga and meditation became the foundation for a more extensive offering to breast cancer patients, survivors and the people that love them, and through collaboration with United We Om, I am honored to bring this series to fruition.